The Notion Of Fun By Matt Furey The Simple Freedom Method THE CAREER POLITICIAN’S CREED Stop Being A Biz Op Jumper I Was Homeless But Now I am Rich

The Notion Of Fun By Matt Furey

This post belongs to Matt Furey who is one of my favorite people to learn from. I decided to post this because it’s the core truth about the word FUN, and how you can use it to your full advantage with Matt Furey strategies.   Today’s message will rattle a few cages and ruffle a […]

The Simple Freedom Method

                        Welcome to my personal blog site, my name is Alex Herrera and this site will be featuring the layered process of interactive co- personal brand building from the ground up. This journey will be a massive undertaking, whereby I will be posting behind […]


THE CAREER POLITICIAN’S CREED We will tax, tax, tax, spend, spend and spend . . . . . and the voters will re-elect us, re-elect us, re-elect us! – because they’re TOO DAMN DUMB to understand!!! – Harry Hopkins, an advisor to former President Franklin Roosevelt.     Thank god this dirt bag is long […]

Stop Being A Biz Op Jumper

Attention Biz-op jumper: It’s Time To Get Serious And Generate A Monthly Income With This Tested Proven Process.     From: The Private Headquarters Of Alexander Herrera presents you With the cold hard truth, No Bullshit!           You most likely were being led by a deadbeat who knows nothing about strategic online […]

I Was Homeless But Now I am Rich

I am Sure you Heard It All Before . . .        I was homeless, a crackhead, stole food from the grocery store because I was dead broke and hungry, sold my dog, I was living in my car and on and on it goes . . .  I am sure that some […]