Why do so many fail at creating a lifestyle of choice? Do you believe that you have free choice? what is truth ....

Alex Herrera


The Man-Cave Of Alex Herrera

Deep in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California.

Dear friend & foe

After 7 years of indepth study and research. I have discovered startling information that may have a massive impact on the way you view life.

I challenge you to journey with me on a quest to uncover some the most manipulative covert technologies that are being used against you and your family.

The information that will be discussed is not for the faint of heart, religious, political and academic. The reason being is that these folks are so embedded into the system that they will defend it with their lives.

In short, they are far too programmed. Sorry if this criteria fits you.(GOODBYE LEAVE NOW) But for those of you that want to dive deeper into the cracks of time.

I welcome you with enthusiasm, I have no doubt you will be intrigued and shocked at the covert manipulations that have been deployed against your freedoms of choice that may have caused you to alter your behavior without your conscious consent.

There’s a war going on for your mind. Scrupulous men and women in high places have been programming the masses for their self serving agendas.

It’s no wonder why some of you have been mentally stuck dazed and confused as why you have not been progressing in your life.

Its time to truly wake up my friend and take notice of the hidden enemy that exists right under your nose every single waking day.


Below is a sample of what will be dissected:


  • Hidden messages in art work
  • Subliminal messages embedded in music
  • Hidden meaning in movies
  • cultural engineering
  • The tax system is nothing more than smoke and mirrors
  • Parasitical politicians (beware) A threat to humanity
  • Religion is a system of control
  • Multi layered hidden sexual messages in commercials
  • Direct manipulation with Online business opportunities and how to spot them.


This is just some of the few that are in store for you. This is not a typical overview. You will be given the mechanics of how this technology works and how you can protect yourself and use it to your own advantage.

The information will be dispensed by private email only. So now you may be asking? Why I Am doing this?

I have no agenda of my own. I feel it my humanly duty to share this information on ears that will listen. The information will be at no cost to you.

I only ask that you practice what will be given to you and please spread the word. It’s crucial that you be made aware of the deceit that has been handed down you without your core consent.

It’s Time to Free Your Mind.

P.S.  Make sure to check your spam filters just in case the email slipped by. I welcome you aboard the road less traveled.


The Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper

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