Can You Really Make A living Online, Or Is It All Just A Bunch Of Hype?

The internet marketing gurus claim that its so easy to get rich online, that even their grandmothers can do it. Are they doing things behind closed doors that are not being revealed?

No More lies, inflated promises of riches or any other bankrupt make money from home theories. Just The facts.




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[Please allow me to be transparent with you]. Making money online business systems ARE NOT Easy To Duplicate. Most people are simply too lazy to learn all the internet marketing hum drum, this includes web/blog site development.


You may agree with the statement above or not, I will confess that it took me several years to learn internet marketing and copywriting strategy. It was so darn frustrating at times that I almost called it quits on several occasions.


Thank god I had the patience to stick with it. Adopting the internet lifestyle is a way of life. It’s not some switch you turn on and off. Most people treat this profession like a half baked hobby and get mediocre results. 





SOME FACTS You Need To Know :


1% of online marketers actually make a real living online.


99% make Zero to $500 bucks a month from mlm or some affiliate program. Something to consider before you dive in thinking you’re gonna get rich in 2 months.


The truth is you will have to put MONEY into advertising in order to make MONEY! genius isn’t it. Next, you will have to own some virtual real estate online (website, blog site, squeeze page and email autoresponder) in order to build momentum.


Don’t believe me. Go and research some of the top leaders in any money making program out there, and you will find that they own a couple of websites and blog sites non related to the program they are promoting.(Virtual Real Estate)


The next component is important, and grossly neglected by 99% of online biz op enthusiasts, and that is connecting with your prospective audience offline. You’re gonna have to do some stuff offline too.


Anybody that tells you otherwise is not looking out for your best interest. If you are currently experiencing burnout in your quest for online riches, it’s time to rethink your current position and decide what it is that you really want to do?



Alex Herrera

Coffee Break

I’m gonna give it to you straight! If you’re here just to make money, you will surely fail within 2 months (tops) You will need to bring more to the table my friend. This business requires you to be more than just a dollar bill.



You must have a burning desire to want to do this. This business requires an immense amount of patience, determination, passion, faith and absolute undeniable confidence in yourself. Once to realise those qualities within yourself. You will begin the process of reinventing yourself and having fun creating a presence online that will fund your future finances for years to come!


Please understand that this process takes time. If you’re not willing to commit some time doing this, It tells me that you are not ready right now, maybe the conditions are not right for you at this point in your life. And that’s OK, check back here when you are ready and I will be here to HELP


Serious Inquiries Only Please!

If you are a biz op jumper, I will not work with you. I am looking for individuals that want to make a huge monthly income not just peanut money. If your the type of person that thinks big but have not been able to put things in your life together lately I want to hear from you.


Now, I would like to present you with the online business system called Pure Leverage that, In my opinion is the magic pill. I call it the magic pill because Pure Leverage provides us with internet marketing tools that every successful marketer needs to build a solid business online.


I help further by providing a simplistic marketing and advertising process, along side the Pure Leverage marketing suite to build momentum and get busy making income A.S.A.P


I’m not gonna B.S you and tell you it’s gonna be easy and all that bull. Like I said in the beginning. No more lies or inflated claims about getting rich online, Just the truth my friend.


I will show you what advertisements are working for me, and provide all the resources, I currently use to get my results. Nothing will be held back from my core group. I would like you to be part of this group.   


I sincerely hope that you become part of the Pure Leverage personal private home business revolution. Thank you so much for reading this page, for more information about the pure leverage click on the RED PILL


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Below are some resources and links that have helped me reach my personal best. Thank you for reading this page, god bless my friend. Have A great Day!


Having fun making a living doing what I love. That’s the definition of prosperity.





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